Defense Dynamics is a cohesive blend of military veterans with one mission—to educate the responsible citizen in protecting, defending and preserving that which is most sacred—LIFE.


This multidisciplinary team takes years of professional training and experience and applies the skills, attitude and discipline to a civilian environment. With comprehensive and practical training, we will prepare you to make responsible and effective decisions while protecting yourself or loved ones, while armed or unarmed, at home or in public.


Our instructors are sensitive to the varying abilities and experience of students. Emphasis is placed on the students personal goals and strengths. Training is designed to hone and sharpen the fundamental skills of any student from the beginner to the accomplished. Even if this is your first experience with any form of personal defense training, our goal is to ensure that you have access, and a complete understanding of these subjects, and can apply them in your daily life.


At DefDyn, we TRAIN HARD and we TRAIN SMART. Preservation of life is paramount.! We understand that our environment is constantly changing, so we continuously update training and information to more effectively serve you – “The Responsibly Armed Citizen”.


We as instructors have a huge responsibility to the individuals that train with us, as well as those who do not. The training and discipline that students are introduced to, must transcend beyond our classrooms and ranges. It must not bring an added liability to others but instead present an added benefit to the community. This is DefDyn!


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